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Welcome to Lomega

Lomega is a program for maintaining your Iomega disks under Linux, similar in functionality to Iomega's® IomegaWare Tools.® It allows the user to mount and umount disks easily and also features the ability to change the protection status of a disk. Lomega supports compressed file backup's to supported Iomega drives. Lomega is covered under the open source, free GNU GPL.


  • Support for Parallel, SCSI, and ATAPI version Zip & Jaz drives.
  • Support for modprobe to detect Parallel drive added after boot.
  • Change the write protection status of a disk.
  • Detect the format of a disk automatically.
  • Mount and umount disks.
  • Eject a disk.
  • Backup in compressed tar format to disk.
  • Load or Save a backup set.
  • File Manager for Home - Root - Removable Media.
  • File Manger view supporting registration of file types.
  • Safe delete to Trash Can.




LnxFire is a firewall tool for Linux aimed at the small business and home office client. Use the firewall creation wizard to quickly create a basic firewall. Featuring dynamic rule modifiers, pro-active monitoring, reporting, e-mail alerts and auto lock-out for port scanners. Watch and listen to the intruders splat of the firewall. LnxFire requires the GNOME 1.2 libraries.



LnxZip is a Gnome front-end to common archive utilities under Linux/Unix. The goal is to provide the end user with a quality tool he/she requires to either work with compressed files or create RPM's. LnxZip is covered under the open source, free GNU GPL.


E-Mail: John Hawk
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